CARNIVAL SHIPS you scare me and thousands of others. The Titanic obviously did not teach you much. The captain and the crew should all be considered for criminal charges. And like a other ocean liners ask yourselves, with all the technology we have, how can you use this avert future disasters like this.I have a cruise scheduled, but I am afraid not enough diligence is being taken to ensure this will not happen again, and I perhaps like many others will cancel their cruise. I am not an  engineer, but I would ask: why not a double walled Hull.Why not have self inflatable protection for the power source and engine. How about a redundant water sealed power lines for critical lighting and other essential components.  I’m in a wheelchair and from the derelict way the crew performed I would likely be left to drown as would all those disabled or too panicked passengers to take life saving action. For the CEO and other managers and supervisors, I would hold you all responsible. You, collectively will lessen our feelings of safety and ultimately put yourselves out-of business. You have an obligation to your share holders to make this go away and prove that this is just serendipitous.Please, at our peril, investigate and innovate to build a stronger ship, with enhanced technologies to mitigate the possibility of this happening again

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